Safety is built into everything we do at Berner Trucking. 

Our top management personnel realize that safety is everybody's job - every day, all the time. It's why we make good use of some of the best safety training programs available, and why we belong to several safety-focused organizations (see below for complete lists ). And, it's why we make sure our drivers are in well-equipped and well-maintained late model tractors.

Safety is everybody's job - every day, all the time

Over the years our approach to safety has evolved to keep pace with the ever-changing DOT regulations and technological changes.

If you're interested in hearing more about the Berner approach to keeping everybody as safe as possible feel free to contact our Safety Director, Jerry Knight ( - 330.343.5812 ext. 235), 

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Our Safety Programs include:

  • Smith System Defensive Driving Training
  • Poor Weather Driving Awareness Training
  • Fatigued Driver Awareness Training
  • Log Book and E-Log Training 
  • Accident Protocol Training
  • All Year Drug/Alcohol Testing and Training
  •  Annual Safety Reviews and Meetings
  •  Auditing of Driving Habits and Logs
  • Accident Reviews and Training
  •  All Company Trucks Equipped with E-Logs and GPS  

We Belong to the Following Safety Organizations:

  • Ohio Trucking Association
  • SafetyFirst
  • Smith System

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